This one is short and sweet, but is mostly inspired by my religion. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I fast. In my faith, we fast specifically from meat and dairy, as this is how Adam and Eve ate in the garden of Eden. For forty days before Christmas, we fast from meat and dairy.

I suck at fasting. We are called to practice humility, to pray more, to read more scriptures, give more alms, eat less, and think of others more. Somehow, I seem to be doing the opposite! I was never good at fasting, but I normally try my hardest. Today, I ate a roast beef sandwich for lunch, then chicken for dinner. The worst part? My family ate fish and I ate chicken.

Yup. I’m a great person.

But really though, I need to better myself in that way, so I wrote a poem about wanting to eat nothing but meat and milk. Because that’s where I’m at today, I just want more meat and more milk.

Boy aren’t I a fun guy? (I said to the no one who is reading my blog)

5. Food: What’s for breakfast? Dinner? Lunch? Or maybe you could write a poem about that time you met a friend at a cafe.


Vacancy that’s as sharp as a knife.

The ham drips with sweet glaze.

The rumbling undercutting the smell of bliss.

Milk, cold and refreshing milk.

A silent pain,

Forks meeting mouths

A horrific Hunger

Mouths meeting forks.

Silently wasting away.

Away. Away. Away.


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