This is very loosely based on a really weird encounter I had about two days ago on my way to the bus stop.

9. Animals: Choose an animal. Write about it!

The dog was very small, too small to be walking in such tall grass. I was worried at first, but I saw the leash and her owner very quickly. The owner was a young girl, probably 20, holding a steaming coffee in an attempt to ward off the growing chill resting in the air. They had not seen me, and I had taken little note of them, so I continued onward, chilled hands clutching my phone, attempting to make Pokemon Go load faster so I could hatch on of my three incubating eggs.

The dog walked towards me.

“Sorry! She must like you!” the woman said, but she did not resist the dog. I found this odd, considering how incredibly small the dog was. THe slightest yank could turn her head, it would take little to no effort for the girl to stop her pursuit. I was not endangered, but I quickened my pace, afraid I would miss the bus.

The lady kept following me.

Five minutes had gone by, the chilly silence only broken by the occasional “Sorry, she just really likes you!” from the young girl, and to be honest it was getting on my nerves. It’s strange to be tailed, but it’s even stranger when you are walking down an unlit road at night. An unlit, empty country road in the winter. The sound of my podcast filled my ears, and I temporarily forgot about my strange stalkers.

Five more minutes went by, and I was half-way to the bus stop. A quick look over my shoulder confirmed that they were still there. I was more than a little creeped-out at this point, and I reached into my purse to grab my mace, just in case. I stopped suddenly, ready to confront this woman and her very small and very fluffy dog.

I must have looked ridiculous. An eighteen year old girl being followed by  a twenty year old wearing bright pink and walking a small dog.

I clutched the mace, and the dog jumped on my legs. I bent down, scratching between her ears.

The woman and the dog turned around and walked away.

Confused, I walked towards the warmed bus stop as well, but I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had followed her, made her feel the same acute fear I felt. I wish I had just followed her a little ways, long enough that I would have heard her pick up the phone, grin into the handle, and say, “I have made contact with the target.”

That would’ve saved me a fuckton of trouble.


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