A long time ago, I had a group of very abusive friends. They were very smart people who outwardly seemed incredibly nice, but when I was alone with them things would turn violent and controlling. For a long time I couldn’t tell anyone because no one would believe me. The ringleader was the class valedictorian and a very Christian person, so every time I, someone who was not always honest and had always been a bit of an outsider, tried to speak up I was immediately silenced. I wrote a poem about all of them, but mostly about the ringleader, and I titled it “The Red Queen.”

This poem isn’t about her. It isn’t about any of them. It’s about my greatest friend, the one who never really believed me when I told her about them, but who loved me nonetheless. Thanks for everything, Sarah.

10. Friendship: Write about being friends with someone.



I was a small vase,

Having been thrown against the wall by an angry child,

I was ultimately destroyed.

I was irreparable.

I was alone.

I was cold.


I sat in my tearstained jacket

In a tear strained room

Living a tear stained life

In the tear stained world

WHere the dark settled into my very bones.


You were a candle.

Nothing huge,

No flashy show of lights

Or neon signs,

No promises of salvation.

Just enough warmth to remove the chill.



Being starved of light,

Loved you.


I still do.


You were a drop of water in the drought,

A flicker of light in the dark,

And the medium through which

I saved myself.



I never thought it would be like this.

When I met you,

I wanted you to carry me away.

I wanted you to be my knight.

I wanted to be saved.


You would smile and laugh.

You listened to me for hours,

Allowing me to ramble on

About half-formed ideas

And half-understood lessons.


Thank you.


I don’t know how,

And perhaps I never will,

But somehow you gave me just what I needed.


You allowed me to choose my own path,

To love what I wanted to love,

To be myself,

To make my own mistakes

(Dear God, how much wonderful freedom I have been granted to make these mistakes!)

But most importantly,

You let me save myself.


I was in a cage of



And utter despair,

And I wanted you to set me free.


But you didn’t.

Hell, you didn’t even hand me the key.

Instead, you taught me how to

Pick a lock.

Because you knew that I needed to set myself free.


Thank you for all you’ve taught me.

This is our last year together.

The last year before

Life truly begins.


I will miss everyone.

I will miss my family,

I will miss my friends,

I will miss our high school,

I will miss our small town

in a small corner

of a small world.


But you,

I will miss you

Most of all.


Thank you



My White Queen.


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