12. Greeting: Write a story or poem that starts with the word “hello”.


Look, I’m sorry it had to end this way. Honestly, if it were up to me I’d have someone who knows you tell you this. Someone who really cares for you, like maybe a brother or a sister. A spouse perhaps? Really, you haven’t got any family?

Well, perhaps that’s why they sent me to tell you this.

They gave me a script to read, so just give me a sec here. Where have I put it? Oh! Here it is!

We here at Orwell Industries would lake to thank you for your sizeable contribution to science! You truly have changed human history, and your work in Biomechanical Engineering has not gone unnoticed! Truly, you are the reason that humanity will continue to survive from this moment forward!

While we will forever be grateful towards your immense contribution, we no longer have need for your services. You provided us with a wonderful canvass on which to build the perfect human, but unfortunately your recent illness/injury/questioning has invalidated your contract with us. Do not worry, we will give your family a sizeable severance package, and they will be told the same cover story you asked us to tell them in your entrance exam.

Once again, we here at Orwell Industries would like to thank you for allowing us to utilize your services, and we cannot wait to see the bright future that steams from your sacrifice.


John C. Albright

 Wow. That was certainly… personalized.

Okay, this isn’t technically allowed, but we have a solid five minutes before they cart you off to The Room. Can I just ask what you did? You don’t look sick or injured?


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Didn’t you read the signs? Haven’t you been paying any attention at all? What kind of sane person asks questions? You should’ve known this was some shady shit the moment you signed on! Jeez. You know, at first I was kinda glad you didn’t have a family, but now I wish you did. That would’ve made this revenge just a little bit sweeter.

You know what they are going to do, right?

I know you’ve heard rumors about The Room, I was a subject once too. I know that you know people who’ve been and have never been back. Well pal, I’ve been there. It’s hell.

See these scars? That’s from the hooks they use to scrape your skin off. They test you in there, but not the way you are tested now. They turn you into… into these horrific monsters. People don’t have faces in there, they have metal plates. Some really unlucky ones have nothing at all, just sinew and bone poking out of a bloody heap.

Lucky for you, I happen to know someone on the inside.

Listen up kid, I’m about to give you the deal of a lifetime! If you give me half the severance package, then I’ll let you slip past. Of course, we can’t have you violating the non-disclosure agreement, so I’ll be keeping your memories. I know, it sounds horrible, but lets be honest here. You you rather live in Hell or live with some nice ignorance.

I’ll see to it you’re placed in a nice home, and given plenty of money to live out the rest of your life in peace. Just sign here.

That’s right, just like that. Very good! Sign here and here please. Okay good, just once more over hear.

There we go. Boys, cart ’em off!

Jeez, there’s a sucker born every hour.



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