Found poems are not my thing. Honestly, I find them tedious! More often than not, my found poems end up being complete trash or some weird conglomeration of pseudo-deep words thrown about as if they were pieces of confetti! Ugh! I hate these stupid things.

Here’s hoping I can actually write a somewhat decent one this time…

This is from page 19 and 20 of The Stargazer’s Sister by Carrie Brown.

The found poem: Read a book and circle some words on a page. Use those words to craft a poem. Alternatively you can cut out words and phrases from magazines.

A scattered, delicate wind.

Plates begin to clatter in alarm.

There can be no explanation than this:



Drops fall onto the table.

Hundreds will spring forth.

The world is about to fly apart.

The terrifying trembling intensifies.


By dark instruction,

A tide of embers erupts.

Flattening her palm over her big belly,

She jumps away from the red coals.

Groping to steady herself.



She grips the table’s edge.

She falls to the floor.


She shatters.

Violent chaos puts its arms over her head.


There is no parliament.

Nothing here.

The sky remains locked into place,

but the moon has been shaken loose.

It’s collision with the Earth the cause of the

Terrible shaking.


It is not safe here.



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