Spoilers, I totally did not follow the prompt. 
Your skin is supple and soft,

Slightly pink. Warm

Flush with the blood of youth. 


Beyond belief,

The way your body curves subtely

Your skin giving way 

To the slight pressure of my 

Weathered hands. 
So small,

So delicate and soft,

Smelling of New,

Of Innocent. 

Just think,

You are mine. 
You are the blood of my blood. 

You are my child. 

My small little wriggling infant,

Scrunching your delicate face up tight,

Filling red lungs with fresh air. 
I love when you cry,

Because it reminds me you are here. 

I love it when you sleep

Because you look so peaceful. 


I love it when you smile. 

Gazing at me with such loving eyes,

Your heart pouring over

With pure,



I can’t ever look away. 


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